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[04.09-04.15] 2018 ShowCoin Development Progress Weekly Report
The 11st issue of SHOW Weekly is coming! In the past week, SHOW went smoothly in all directions. The lasted report is as follows.[2018.04.09-2018.04.15]
2018 / 04 / 16
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After April 10 SHOW source code upload to GitHub continuosly
SHOW will continue to upload source code to Github on April 10, (2018).
2018 / 04 / 11
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SHOW hit the big screen of NASDAQ
On February 15, 2018 (EST), also the Lunar New Year’s Eve in China, SHOW hit the big screen of NASDAQ to celebrate the Lunar New Year with Chinese people at home and SHOW families abroad.
2018 / 02 / 15
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